Celebrating Earth Day

With Earth Day rapidly approaching you may be looking for some local events and fun activities to teach your children more about the Earth, recycling, and conservation. A great event coming around in our area is the ACUA Earth Day Festival. Check out the website for all of the details and a full schedule!

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Storytellers: The Important of Reading

Reading with your children and encouraging them to read on their own is incredibly important for many reasons. The most obvious benefit from reading is the enhancement of your child’s speech and language skills. As your child is beginning to learn the ins and outs of English, reading will help them get accustomed to proper grammar and word usage. Additionally, having your child read a book that they already know well, from having it read to them, will help create an association between the words they already know and how they look on paper. Aside from the linguistic benefits, reading also allows your child to become accustomed to things they don’t experience every day.  Reading helps children learn how to adapt to new experiences. This may be through reading books about other cultures or different time periods. Imaginative and thought-provoking books also help kick start your child’s creativity and logical thinking skills from a young age.

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Way to help your children develop a love of learning

One of the best gifts we can give a child is a passion for, and love of, learning. Whether it is a love of scientific discovery, a love of creating art, a love for learning about other worlds in a book, or even just a love of learning about the things in their own backyard. This open-minded attitude towards learning will not only create great students but more importantly, it will help create more thoughtful and driven adults. The Parent Cue has come up with a few ways to help give your children a passion for learning. You can view the original article here.

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How to share kindness with young minds

With the start of 2017 we also have the start of resolution season! Whether or not your children are looking to have resolutions this year, it is a perfect time to emphasize the importance of kindness for the new year. Here we have a few ways to help encourage your children to spread kindness everywhere they go.  To view the full article on, click here.

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Winter Break Activities

We hope everybody is having a great holiday season and winter break! Even after all of the family, fun, and gifts, kids still suffer often times suffer from “Winter Break Boredom.” Thankfully, there are plenty of this to do this week to help keep the kids entertained and your sanity intact. Below is a list of some events in South Jersey as well as a link to Jersey Family Fun where they always have a large, comprehensive year-round list of events in the area!

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Santa Riding Around Town

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus… Christmas is less than two weeks away and along with tree lighting events, parades, and light shows, each year Santa makes his way through our local towns visiting all of the children, spreading holiday cheer. We have compiled information on Santa visits in Linwood, Northfield, and Egg Harbor Township so that you can be sure that you and your children don’t miss Saint Nick!

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Young Yogis: How Yoga Benefits Kids

With yoga becoming a growing trend, many people are left wondering whether it is actually beneficial, especially when it comes to children’s yoga. Many yoga instructors claim that starting yoga at a young age can help children in many different ways, from things such as posture to behavior. Some of the obvious benefits of yoga are physical. Yoga is a great way for kids to stay active in a non-competitive environment. The focus of yoga is not to win but just to do the best you can. This innately pulls pressure off of children and allows them to focus on what they are doing. Practicing yoga regularly helps with flexibility, balance, and coordination. These are all important for growing children and great building blocks for future athletics.

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